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Hi, I'm Kate

I started Fashionably Kate to share with others my love of filling our closets with exactly the right pieces and then turning those closets into our favorite rooms in the house.  Yes… I believe that the closet is just as much a “room” as the living room, bedroom, and bathroom are.  It serves a very important purpose, and I want to help yours become a place you want to look at!  Not a place you want to hide.  


I know we have spent a lot of time at home lately.  If you are like me, you are ready to start moving out of your sweatpants, but finding that you need to relearn what you have and how to wear the clothes that have been lying dormant in your closet for the last year. Let’s bridge the gaps between your clothes for a night in and your clothes for a night out (since one day you will need those clothes again)!

Whether you need to reorganize, find clothes for a specific function, start over completely, or repurpose and reimagine what you already have; I can help you to get your closet to its most efficient, imaginative, and most beautiful state.  I want you to feel joy instead of stress when you open your closet doors.  Are you ready?


Personal Shopping

Whether it’s one look or an entire wardrobe, I will bring options straight to your door after a virtual or in person consultation.  You keep what you want and I will return the rest! 


Closet Makover

For a shift in season, a general revamp, or an epic clean-out!  Let’s customize your closet makeover experience and get you the closet of your dreams.  Also available over FaceTime/Zoom.




Need help in other areas of your home or workspace? I can design and plan a custom service for you so we can get the function of your space working in harmony with your day to day needs.


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“Somehow Kate managed to find the perfect balance between style and comfortability. She immediately puts you at ease, listening to every detail and adding her own great sense of modern fashion. As someone who hates shopping, I will definitely be using fashionably Kate again. I never find pants that fit. She found three pairs that fit perfectly and I never had to step foot in a store. What a dream. What a service. What a Kate.”

—  Josh Franklin


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